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Hey there!

These are so gorgeous!  I plan on creating one for a gift – I think.  🙂

They seem simple to make.

Tips on creating a seamless look

  • Use yarn with mixed fibers of a similar tone to make it easier to match that of your thrifted doily
  • Think about dying the doily to match the yarn, or immersing the finished product in a dye bath before adding embellishments. If doing this, be sure that you are using natural fibers of similar content. Synthetics require special acid dyes and heat methods, so stick to natural cold water baths if possible.
  • Scout doilies which are more lacy, unscratched, and on the thin side. Thick stiff ones will not give a stretched effect as they will not expand or contort into a natural web-like shape.

Thanks to:lunevintage.blogspot.com and http://lifeflix.blogspot.com

Hope you enjoyed!