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How fun is this Diy Cotton + leather clutch purse!

This DIY from abeautifulmess.com is lovely and simple to make.

Here are the supplies:

1. Leather, patterned cotton fabric + solid lining cotton, 18 inch zipper, scissors, sewing machine.

2. Begin by cutting out the pieces for your clutch. You’ll need two 7×16 inch pieces of leather, two 5.5×15 pieces of fabric for the outside pieces, and two 11×15 pieces of fabric for the inside of the clutch. Note: If you want your clutch to be more sturdy, iron on a light fusible interfacing to the back of the patterned fabric pieces.

3. Start by sewing together a piece of the outer fabric and leather by facing both outer sides in and sewing all along the edge. The reason the leather is slightly longer than the fabric is because the leather is thicker so this prevents it from laying as flat as the fabric after it is folded. This way the edges are an even width once the project is finished. 4. Flip the bag right side over to make sure all the lines are even. 5. Repeat this step with the other two pieces and then sew both sides together with the outer sides of the fabric facing in. 6. Once that’s finished, flip it right side out. Note: If this is your first time sewing leather, read our Tips for Sewing Leather article

To see the rest of the tutorial! http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/08/cotton-leather-clutch-purse-diy.html