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The Battle Against Epilepsy!

{Please click the link} (:

I know this post is a bit out of my norm.

I hope if you can you can help me in spreading awareness and help me in reaching my donation goal this year!

“37,000 people in Oregon are living with epilepsy or seizure related conditions.” – EFNW

Lets make this moment count this year and make a difference to !

Join me in my efforts to support Epilepsy Foundation Northwest!

MOment’s like this make such a difference in my community.

This is the third year that I have been involved in the The Northwest Run/Walk for Epilepsy! I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was in my teens. It has been a battle to stabilize my seizures, but I have finally gotten there this year! I am now almost 25 years old! I have learned so much from this battle- about who I am and about Epilepsy. I am thankful to have such inspiring people (like YOU) in my life who are willing to give back! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me though out my journey.

I hope you will be apart of this MOment with me.

Lets make make this MOment count and support our community!