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Hello. Hello. (; These are pretty loaded statements wouldn’t you agree?

These powerful words by such influential people (in the photographs) – encourage me every day.

As many of you may have  noticed, I have a goal to take charge of my thoughts! I have a goal to be more positive this year.  I am choosing to be in the moment! Staring with being more positive.
Now, we all know this is easier said than done. Life gets in the ways. Life throws all kinds of obstacles our way – sometimes we have moments when all is delightful and other moments it can feel like negativity surrounds us. Developing a positive way of life has more to do with how you decide to take in each moment than about the situations you are in. No one can feel positive all the time! Here are a few tips on a positive lifestyle (: I hope you join me in my journey this year.

Tip One – Learn to let go

How much time and emotional energy do you misuse wishing things or people in your life were different?  “If only” you might think to yourself. What has taken place cannot change. However, why would you choose to throw away all the lessons behind the experience? Perhaps, you would have chosen the moment differently. But, going over the negative in your mind won’t benefit you now. Be in the NOW. Learn from the moment and let it go.

Tip 2: Have a Grateful MOment.

Thank you is something we are taught at such a young age. However, do you actually say the word throughout the day? Do others say it you? In my experience the more you say it the more others will be “grateful” and say thank you. So be grateful and say thank you! Learn to be grateful and you will be open to receive happiness and optimism throughout the day.

Tip 3: Surround Yourself with Positive People

Avoid pessimistic people. Surround yourself with encouraging and positive people! I have realized this is one of the key aspects for a positive life! This is an essential and a simple approach to attaining a positive daily moment.

Tip 4: An Observing moment -Qualities of others.

I feel you can always learn from people around you. Living life positively is acquired
knowledge! Every person I know has a mixture of valuable behaviors. I have the belief that we are inclined to learn the behaviors of other people If we have the mindset to. Why not learn from the positive behaviors of people we close to? Benefit from each moment and the positive around you.

Tip 5: Use Positive Self-Talk

This is so important! I have always struggle with self talk. Many of us stumble and use negative self-talk without even being aware of it. Negative self talk is the little voice in your head that tells you things that may go wrong. Using positive self talk makes all the difference in your day. Remember the quote – “Take charge of your thoughts”. Try to make sure you say only nice things to yourself. Especially in stressful moments try to encourage yourself. Always remember the idea that negative
thoughts are hardly ever true!

Tip 6: Pick a Hobby.

Hobbies can contradict a moment of stress. Finding a hobby your are passionate about makes all the difference! I found arts and crafts last year. It has made my life so much brighter. Art makes me happy. A hobby can bring Positive moments into each day.
I hope you will join me in my positive journey this year! Be in the moment with me. Take charge of your thoughts.
Meg xo