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A greeting card I made for my Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeInTheMOments

Hi friends! Today marks a special day for me.. It is purple day.  Epilepsy Awareness day. This day means a lot of things to me. It’s not just about bringing knowledge to others- but a day of true courage.  A day of acknowledging people who are fighting a true battle.   I hope you will wear purple with me. :]

I believe everyone in this world is courageous in their own way! Writing a blog to people you don’t know- That is incredibly courageous.  I’ve read many blogs and they are all so creative! Every blogger has their own voice and quirky style. I feel blessed to be apart of other peoples lives and to read their stories.

I have always loved the art world.  I took art all through out my schooling. However,  I had never truly saw myself as an artist until the past year or two. Perhaps, I was never brave enough to put myself out on the limb. I never stepped outside of my comfort zone and focused on my true passions.  This quote explains it best:

Shabby Chic Vintage lace headband with two handmade flowers (tulle and recycled material). Teen-Adult

“Creativity takes courage” -Matisse  

This is entirely true! Creativity can be frightening at first. The first step is going outside your boundaries. In the beginning,  you may wonder if the world will accept your ideas. I have learned that the easiest answer comes from within.  If you put your heart into your work, then your audience will see the love you display. I believe If you enjoy your passion and truly love what you do – then your audience will admire you for it.  This is why handmade things are so delightful in any MOment.

I hope you will be courageous with me and be in the MOment.