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What a lovely idea for a wedding or occasion.  This string of coffee-stained doilies is a perfect shabby chic MOment!  Placing your names in the center makes it such a sweet and special day! I could see myself creating something similar on my own… perhaps I may make a DIY on this.

This idea has always stood out to me and has brought a smile to my face. This special, but small but small detail makes all the difference. You have the opportunity to be surrounded by all love stories of the ones close to you!  Learn what kept them together, made them laugh and made them strong.  If I were to create something similar, I would place charming vintage photos of my loved ones on an antique door or frame.

I adore candle lighting. Especially, when they are mixtures of  different sizes, texture and shape. This would be a beautiful center piece for a shabby chic wedding. I would add a hint of lace under the metal dish. Perhaps, even change the dish to a very simple plate. Perfect for any of the hairpieces I do 😉

  I love this look It’s so soft and flowy! This dress is perfect for Spring and Summer. I adore dresses like this one, because they make you feel chic.

Lace TeePee. <3

I love the idea of taking an empty space in your home or apartment and making it beautiful. Creating a space that is handmade is so satisfying!  For example, in  this space the person made a unique lace TeePee.  This is so sweet and appealing to the eye. This is a place where they can relax and  listen to records, after a long day.  If I were to do something similar I would use  more decorative lace and cover the entire TeePee. I also would fill the  bottom of the TeePee with cream colors and light pinks to match the overall look.  This  is a wonderful way to create special MOment’s,  in all those empty spaces in your home.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! xo. Meg